Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tinkelywink, I need your advice!


I've been a frost mage for a while now. With the addition of iceblock as a trainable skill I no longer feel it is nessisary to be frost spec. I wish to try fire out. How do you feel about a 10/40/11 spec? Thanks!

-Name with held as I don't have permission and it isn't an exact quote-

-First I'm not a raiding mage, I'm a raiding warlock/druid and a level 18 mage. So this is all theory and has no testing on my part-

OK lets look at the situation it's obvious that you want to go with 10 in arcane for clearcasting, and 11 in frost for icy veins. But what do you give up?


The 40 points you spend should be as follows in this link 00/40/00

What does that leave you missing out on.

3 yards shorter range on all your fire spells spells.
20% mana return instead of 30% when you score a critical
20% less damage 20% of the time
Pyroblast/Blastwave/Dragon's breath

What do you gain?
10% of your spells are free
20% faster spells for 20 seconds every 3 min for 3% of your base mana

What does this translate to?
10% of your spells cause the next one to be free.
So effectivly 10% less mana spent
Master of elments
Lets assume you currently have 20% crit
that means that 20% of your spells return 20% of your mana
This effectivly means that 4% of your spells are free 2% more if you max out master of elements.

So Clearcasting here nets you 8% more mana then if you were to go with Master of elements (if you go 4 points in CC and max out master of elements it will have the same effect, but will probably overlap each other better)

Icy veins:
20 seconds every 180 or 11% of the time you can keep this active for an extra 25% damage. (20% faster means that in the time you casted 4 spells you could now cast 5
which is 125%)
11%of20% is 2.2% more damage.
Molten Fury
20% damage when the target is at 20% or less health, mathamaticly they should be at 20% or less 20% of the time. 20% of 20% is 4% more damage.

There is also the idea here that Icy veins is a spell with a cooldown you have to keep track of and costs you extra mana. I dont favor Icy Veins much again just theory on my part.

What else do you gain?
Improved cooldown on frost nova, a single pull shouldnt last even the improved cool down. Frostbolt improved or perma frost- you should rarely use frost bolt so /shrug. It really is 8 points for 2.2% more damage.

I would still suggest the tried and true 10/47/3 with a point to spend


Sara said...
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Sara said...

Tinkelywink - I need you!

The strength of the frost tree in regards to the crit strike, and all the added +fire bonuses. I don't know why I didn't switch before now!

Xanathos said...

you will be casting scorch 5 times and then again every 20 seconds or so. I would rather have 2 points in making that crit 4% more often, as well as the 4% crit to fireblast over 1 seconds off the casting of fireblast.

Impact is great for solo play or PvP but for a group invironment they are a hassle. Also once you
rain many mobs are immune to stun anyways so ...

Improved arcane missle isnt as good as a lower resist on the arcane explosion, which should be the only arcane spell you cast.

I havent tried out blastwave yet. but it really comes down to that or .5 seconds off freblast. I think another instant spell wins out but I dont really know.

Maybe one out of flame throwing if you really want that 4.5 second cooldown on fireblast. you should cast more then 3 fireballs before casting it again though anyways. the only time it should be spammed is on trash when it and molten fury are working together.