Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Tinkelywink has been my bank alt for longer then my main characters have been around. I finally decided to dust him off and start leveling him. I'm writing this blog to record my progress as I level him and my thoughts about the mage class in general. Now, Ive got many characters higher level then Tinkelywink and even have a mage thats higher level (37 I think). But, this is my gnome mage, the race I feel embraces the mage to the fullest. Also the same race as my wife's mage more on that later.


We start this story off at level 12. It has been a long time since Tink has seen his starting area so how he got there is forgotten history. It's not to hard though, pick a target /cast fireball till it's dead, pick another target and keep going. At 10 came the big choice to go fire or frost. Arcane isn't even an option till way later in the game, arcane spells cost too much and dont have the same bang that fire/frost does. If I were to go arcane it would be to max out clearcasting and then go one of the other trees. But I decided to go down a main tree and finish off with clearcasting in my later levels. Now to the choice: The way I see it Fire= speed, Frost= Control. I want to kill fast at this point so I opted for Fire.

Where to go? Ive done the human land quests at least a dozen times. Ive only done the Draenei lands once or twice and never solo. Lets give that a try. It helps that Im already in Exodar as it has the closest AH/Mailbox ratio. Off to town I go. The quests in Draenei lands are simple fast and to the point. The area is also very compact, not alot of running around compaired to westfall. Leveling is fast here, after one night of leveling Im at 18.

Strat: Currently my basic set up is lead with frostbolt for the snare, cast firebolt till it's close enough to root, cast fireblast as I back away then frost nova, back away some more and fireball 'til dead. It doesnt always work perfect, but it often does. you have to do some improvisation at times, I think I would go nuts if this wasnt the case.

Current talents:
5/5 Imp Fireball
2/5 Impact (the stun is helpful gives you a free cast of fireball, time wise)
2/2 Flame Reach

Current goals:
20 for teleports: so much easier to make trades with this spell, and he is still my main source of money.
36 Catch up to my wife's mage

Now the question: to Twink or not to twink. Giving this character a pair of pants with a spell thread imbued into them would help him tremendously. But if Im writing this as a guide others may not have access to it and may not be able to do the same things I did. Also I am supposed to be saving up for Epic Flight on my main so maybe not the best choice right now. What do you think?


Sara said...

Don't twink. You know my theory on this subject... it takes all the fun out of the game.

Also... in the FB/Scorch discussion did you consider global cooldowns?

Xanathos said...

Global cool downs are taken into effect due to the fact that it isnt a factor except on spells that are instant cast. even if they were both spells are over the casting time of the GCD.